Monday, 19 December 2016

Finally I bought a vacuum cleaner of your dreams !!! I can immediately say this is one of the best purchases of my life !!!!
German quality, just great -!
It's simple, clear and accessible.
Operating principle: pour into a tank of water + a bit of a defoamer and the vacuum cleaner is turned on. After working my tank, which fell off all the dust and dirt, and cover him. It cleaned easily and quickly. The filter should be washed, too, just once a week. Change once a year. Defoamers bought a 300ml jar of 300 with little rubles. Enough for a long time.
After the first harvest I have very dirty water in the tank was very! And this after harvesting conventional vacuum cleaner (see. Photo). Sorry for the bad view my dust, but that's life, and the vacuum cleaner really work powerfully !!!
After subsequent cleanings water becomes cleaner, probably a lot of dust has accumulated in my Palace, I'll clean up !!!
Powered noisy, but not noisy my old vacuum cleaner, so it does not prevent me!
It moves on wheels. The very heavy.
There turbo brush! It collects all-all-all !!!
I bought at the company store Karcher for 13990 rubles!
In a large size, but go for the sake of the quality of work! cm. photo comparison with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

At first it was a pity money, a little expensive for the average consumer. And now I do not regret !!!
I advise everyone !!!

Make cleaning 1 times in nedelyu.U have two cats. Wool from them a lot. Vacuum cleaner sucks all wool with a bang!

To him comes a few tips: 2 large, small dust suction and one that I really like, is to brush the fabric. If the sofa has the wool, the spending of the brush, all the wool completely disappear!

Ideal for allergy sufferers - a vacuum cleaner Hoover SteamVac system with 4-fold filtering, but without dust bag. The Karcher vacuum cleaner with water filter dust is associated with water and can be immediately after cleaning with it poured down the drain. Dust and dirt of all kinds, up to provoke allergic tiny particles, immediately neutralized inside the vacuum cleaner, losing the possibility of reproduction and re-entering the room air. The possibility of wet cleaning and vacuum suction of liquids: • Up to 0.5 liters, with full water filter; • up to 2.5 l with an empty water filter.

It is necessary to buy a vacuum cleaner, a special solution Foam Stop fruity, volume 125 ml.
Pouring water in the water tank must be filled with a solution of 1 cap

Solution for long enough.

The vacuum cleaner has a special compartment in the housing, which is designed to store accessories.

With this filling a vacuum cleaner handle even a child, but the weight is big enough even for an adult.

I like that this vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter.
In a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter No dust bag, because all this dust then spreads throughout the apartment, but here everything is collected in a container with water.

After the very first cleaning, looking at the container from the whole family was a huge shock, how much dirt would be :)

Price at the vacuum cleaner is not small, but it's worth it! We bought about 12 000 rubles.